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The mission of
Han Made Body
is to provide everyone with food for the skin and soul.

Six years ago, when my daughter Hannah was born, she had a bad case of eczema and was prescribed hydrocortisone by her doctor. But I was worried and scared from the side effects that the steroids could have on a young child’s body.

I had actually seen people make natural remedies and concoctions for their children and I decided to venture into the same space for Hannah.

After a few different variations, Hannah’s eczema cleared up in just one week, and it never came back.

This was where I first started Han Made Body.

It came from a place of love, a place of fear and now, a place of hopefulness. If I could help other anxious young mothers or people with similar cases with my product, it’s the biggest reward of all.

Han Made is inspired by my daughters, Hannah and Maddie, as the name Han Made is abbreviated combination of their names. They are both intensely curious about life.

Maddie is an outgoing girl, and always kind –a big deal in a world where bullying is so common. Hannah, on the other hand, is a force to be reckoned with. At almost 7 years-old she it already fiercely independent! Although she is strong she is extremely sensitive to others’ needs. I am proud of them.

Made with clean and simple ingredients that you can count on.

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